As Mudanças

What not to miss

1 New Stores
New concepts and spaces for an unique experience. McDonald’s and Opticália will be new openings, such a new store with 2.000m2. With a aim of improving the “customer journey”, several stores have opted for more contemporary concepts that appeal to the customer experience. Includes in this group are Parfois, MAX, Intimissimi, Tiffosi, Multiopticas and a Lion of Porches. These badges bet on urban spaces and sophisticated, using various technologies that make known not only the campaigns but the trend products of the season.
2 Páteo
A new space for #foodies
We changed the food court and increased sales by more than 26%. We achieved traffic of more than 8.9% now with 486 seats.
3 Cinema and Supermarket
7 cinema theatres of NOS brand and 14.034m of Continent Hypermarket.
4 Updated Design
Everything is important! Lighting, entrances, bathrooms, parking lots, we will be your friendly spot.
5 Gym
To be fit is always important, that’s why Alameda introduces you Fitness Hut, a gym to provide you more pleasure when it comes to exercise that counts to 4.000 members.